Zoella Beauty

zoella beauty

To start things off I am a huge fan of Zoella and love watching her videos. As of late she has been teasing her viewers about a new project she has been working on called Zoella Beauty, now as one would imagine, I automatically thought the the beauty line would be geared towards makeup, but oddly enough it isn’t?

Two days ago, she finally launched her beauty line, and I think I can say this for a lot of people that they were rather shocked of what the line actually included, but not disappointed. Overall there are 7 products that are decorated in true Zoella fashion, a very nice elegant, yet playful feel to them, and they look lovely.

The products Zoe Sugg have released are two cosmetic bags, a body mist, a fizz bar, body lotion, bath soak, and a candle. With all these products never peaking over $14, making it all extremely affordable.

Overall, although it wasn’t what I expected, I like the underlying theme of simple relaxation throughout all the products, and can not wait to get my hands on one of the candles!

If you would like to view or purchase any of the products in the Zoella Beauty line you can go here.