How to: Stiletto Nails

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All over Instagram girls have been posting pictures of their freshly manicured nails, and as time goes on “stiletto nails” have become more and more popular. As a college student myself though I don’t have enough money to be going to the nail salon every two weeks to get a manicure, to stay up to date with the new nail trends, and if you are in the same boat as me then you are in luck, because I’m here to show you just how to make your own stiletto nails.

DISCLAIMER: I do not claim to know anything about nails, this is definitely not a topic I’m well overly knowledgable in, just a heads up.

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First off you will need a buffer block, cuticle pusher, a coarse nail file, full coverage fake nails, nail glue, and a nail polish of your choice.

You will need to start off with clean nails, so no nail polish left over, once any pervious nail polish is removed you are going to take your buffer block, and buff your nails so that way they become nice and smooth, and it makes it easier for the nail to stick, and stay on longer. Then you will use the cuticle pusher and push back your cuticles, and remove the excess.

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Next you are going to take your fake nails, (either round or square, round is easier and quicker, I used square because it was all I had left) and measure out what size you need for each finger, and then you can either glue the nails on and file down, or you can file them down off the finger. I personally like filing them down off the finger, but you can do whatever is easier for you. To file down the nail to get the point it’s important to not try to shape it, instead just file along the edge and keep on rotating and eventually you will get an automatic point. This isn’t by any means a speedy process, so make sure you do it when you have quite a bit of time on your hands, it will probably take about a half hour to forty five minutes to file all the nails.

sn on

After the filing is done, if you haven’t already, glue them on, and then they are ready to paint, when painting though keep in mind to paint the other side of the nail as well, where the nail goes beyond your finger. The best part about these nails, besides looking completely bad ass, they look good with either pastel colors or dark colors, I decided to go along with the Halloween them and use OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark, which is actually a purple so dark it appears to be black unless the light shines just right upon your nail.

TIP: Make sure to do your thumbs a bit shorter so that way it is easier to text.

Hope you enjoyed and you found this helpful!


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