Dry Hair?

So about a two months ago I decided to succomb to the trend of ombré-ing my hair, a little late to the bandwagon I know, but I tend to procrastinate, it happens. Anyways, after I bleached my hair the inevitable happened, I had damaged and dried out my hair, which isn’t out of the ordinary, but usually with my hair it bounces back to normal within a week. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen this time around, and instead was left with a horrible mess on my hands. Now the obvious first choice after seeing how it wasn’t going to get better, was trim it off, but with the beforehand mentioned tendency to procrastinate, with the added bonus of a deep seeded fear that the hairdresser would cut off too much hair, that wasn’t going to happen.

Fast foward to about a week ago, I was moseying around the ever so fabulous Walmart when my little eyes spotted the OGX shampoo and conditioners in an abnormally large container ( well abnormally large for that brand), and alas! It was on sale, so I spotted the Argan oil (which is great for dry anything) shampoo and mentally slapped myself for not thinking of Argan oil two months prior. I ended up picking a bottle up of the Argan oil shampoo, and a bottle of awapuhi ginger conditioner, because they were all out of the matching conditioner, and I paired that with Argan oil penetrating oil, all at $5.97 each, which is pictured below:


After two days of using these products there was a serious difference in my hair it was actually starting to feel like real hair, which was a huge leap from boar hair that felt like it was going to fall out any second. I wish I had taken a picture of it before I started using them, but I will give you a visual as best I can. After a day of work I would take my hair out of it’s bun and the ends pretty much resembled very hair sprayed crimped hair that went horribly horribly wrong, and burnt, and it felt like it too, so I had the whole package deal.

So, that’s my story on how I’m on the road to redemption with my hair, and if you are in the same boat as me I definitely recommend these products they are A plus, and can be found and Walmart as well as any drug stores you live near.


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